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The pioneering Ganges Voyager carries just 56 guests and offers a warm and relaxed experience. The ship takes you back in time with the grace and style of the colonial era with wood furniture and hand-stenciled murals.

From the air-conditioned indoor lounge to the outdoor lounge, you'll find plenty of seating and spots to relax. You'll never feel cramped or crowded. Plus, the indoor lounge features large windows, so no matter where you sit, you'll always have a great view.


All suites boast a private panoramic balcony.


Food & Drink

In the kitchen of the ship’s elegant East India Dining Room, the Executive Chef oversees a team of experts that use fresh local produce to cater for a stunning range of specialty dining experiences. While each meal presents the chance to dine on exotic local cuisine, western-style favourites are always available should you desire a taste of home.


Life on Board

Catch a glimpse of India from the comfort of the ships Governor's Lounge a top the Sun Deck or from the Observation Deck.  

Life on Board


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Deck Plans RV Ganges Voyager

Browse RV Ganges Voyager's deck plans to get a feel of her layout. Explore cabins, restaurants, entertainment and shared spaces at your leisure.

RV Ganges Voyager Deckplans

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