Queen Victoria Elegance and luxury perfectly combined

Queen Victoria effortlessly blends all that's great about the liners past - wood detailing and brass fixtures, for example - with modern comfort and luxury. From the ornately decorated boxes in the Royal Court Theatre through to the wood panelled library, Queen Victoria's beauty lies within her details.


Dine, relax and rest in elegant luxury. Every suite and stateroom is your own personal oasis. Every lounge and bar, your invitation to relax. From sumptuous suites to staterooms with a view, you'll find comfortable accommodation to suit any taste.


Food & Drink

You'll find an exciting array of restaurants and bars on board Queen Victoria. The Grills Restaurants offer the most exceptional food and service at sea and the grand Britannia Restaurant reflects the classic golden age of ocean travel. The famous Cunard Afternoon Tea, relaxed Golden Lion pub and the sophisticated Commodore Club are just a few of the other highlights waiting to be enjoyed.


Life on Board

Day and night, you'll discover countless entertainment opportunities. From spa relaxation and Insights presentations to more active pursuits such as fencing, deck game tournaments and traditional pub quizzes - you're sure to find something to delight.

Life on Board


Get a feel for life onboard the Queen Victoria by browsing through the image gallery. Click on any of the images above to get started.

Queen Victoria Cruises

May we present you with a small selection of the wide range of cruises available on Cunard' Queen Victoria. For more details click on one of the links below.

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From Hong Kong to Singapore
5 nights aboard Queen Victoria
21st Mar 2022
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12 nights aboard Queen Victoria
1st Dec 2021
Atlantic Coast Adventure
10 nights aboard Queen Victoria
13th Dec 2020
From Southampton to Southampton
12 nights aboard Queen Victoria
20th Oct 2021
From Southampton to Southampton
7 nights aboard Queen Victoria
30th May 2021

Deck Plans Queen Victoria

Browse Queen Victoria's deck plans to get a feel of her layout. Explore cabins, restaurants, entertainment and shared spaces at your leisure.

Queen Victoria Deckplans

The Cunard Fleet

The sight of our ships and their distinctive red-and-black funnels always causes a stir, wherever they dock. Our fleet comprises three exceptional ships - Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and our flagship, Queen Mary 2. Grand in scale yet stylish down to the tiniest detail, each one is a world unto herself.

Queen Mary 2
Queen Victoria
Queen Elizabeth

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