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A veteran of the Columbia and Snake Rivers, Queen of the West underwent a major renovation in 2011, with upgrades to passenger staterooms, lounges, galley, and engine room. Meticulous care and attention to detail went into the reconstruction, from the newly designed and custom built furniture, expanded staterooms and the addition of more private balconies.


The Queen of the West is the center of your adventure on the Columbia & Snake Rivers. As you follow the route of Lewis and Clark, you will experience the Pacific Northwest in the most comfortable way possible.


Food & Drink

American Cruise Lines' chefs explore the nation searching for exceptional, locally grown menu items. Each ship receives local seafood reports and their menus are adjusted seasonally to best utilise local fruits and vegetables at their peak of freshness. Meals are adjusted seasonally, prepared to order and served in the Main Dining Room where every seat offers a panoramic view of the passing scenery.


Life on Board

Life on Board


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