MS Amadeus Elegant

Aboard the Amadeus fleet, experience the great comfort and quality accompanied by perfected service in an atmosphere of classic elegance. Discover unforgettable river cruises on the most beautiful European waterways with all the comforts of a luxury hotel. Amadeus stands for travel that is culturally and environmentally aware, combined with Austrian hospitality that is devoted to satisfying your every wish and need. The idea is that with them, you feel on top of the world in every way and enjoy each moment, whether on water or land, to the fullest.


Elegant, friendly, comfortable – you’ll feel completely at home.

Aboard the Amadeus ships you appreciate the ease of travel without having to forego any of the elegant comforts of a 5-star hotel. Their main personal concern is to ensure you feel good on board and can enjoy your cruise on Europe’s most beautiful waterways without having to worry about anything at all.

You’ll feel at home right away when you see how stylish the luxurious cabins are, and how comfortably equipped. Absolutely all the Amadeus fleet’s cabins are outside facing and most of them have French balconies. The broad glass frontages provide spectacular views of the scenery passing by, of charming towns and fascinating cultural sights.

Travelling and living, revelations and relaxation – where are all these holiday features brought together better than on the very special Amadeus ships? Your floating 5-star hotel takes you right through Europe and the best thing of all is you only have to unpack your luggage once!


Food & Drink

Step aboard an Amadeus vessel and taste everything that the landscapes, regions, and the adventurous head chef can offer you in the way of carefully composed menus and local specialities. The kitchen team combines its love of cooking with its goal to present you with modern haute cuisine tempered with a classical approach to food.

To this end, they recommend and serve you selected wines that go perfectly with each dish. You will see for yourself how each plate that leaves the Amadeus kitchen is a work of art that our waiters know just how to place before you with charm, cheerfulness, and panache. Dinner is the crowning glory of each day of the cruise.


Life on Board

Travel brings people together. You will enjoy traveling over land and water with like-minded people.

You get talking, introduce yourselves, exchange pleasantries and - just minutes later - find yourself playing a game of chess or golf or having a companionable drink in the Panorama Bar. Shared pleasures when traveling simply doubles up the joie de vivre.

When all is said and done, getting to know other interesting people is one of the very special sources of pleasure that spring up for river cruise passengers who choose Amadeus. Not only is there so much to admire and talk about during the cruise but, again and again, moments when everyone joins in the laughter that keeps on breaking out. 

Life on Board


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The Amadeus River Cruises Fleet

The elegant Amadeus fleet of river cruisers were the first to offer spacious cabins, suites, and public spaces designed expressly to inspire and indulge, along with the most modern amenities and appointments to match the priceless landscapes slipping by. From the picturesque waterways of Holland, Belgium, and France to the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers, the Amadeus fleet invites you to discover the art of travel.

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