The pros and cons of cruising August 7, 2019

A while ago, I went on a 7 day cruise around the Caribbean. Being the type that likes exploring my surroundings, cruises never previsouly appealed to my adventurous side.

Cruises can be great value for money by The Global Wanderess

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Of course if a cruise comes at a great price, how could I possibly resist? So I ended up going on a cruise adventure and for the next 7 days, I realized something about cruises.


  1. For the 7 days that I was traveling, I didn't have to worry about buying food. I was getting fed all the time and there was always snacks being provided.
  2. There are plenty of activities and events while at sea. From a pool to an ice skating rink, there is plenty of fun for everyone. Just make sure to pick the cruise with the most to do on board.
  3. You have a place to sleep in every night. Of course the cost of the ship depends on the cabin, but you can travel around to different places without having to worry about booking extra hotels.
  4. I didn't have to worry about extra airplanes, missing flights, food, extra hotels or stopping the fun at a certain point. The fun was continuous and I was stress free.
  5. I got to meet other fun people and even met a really great friend that I talk to on a daily basis.
  6. Cruising took me to destinations I had never been to before. Destinations I would have never flown to if I had the chance.
  7. I didn't have to take my luggage all over the place. One thing that I do not enjoy about backpacking is moving my stuff from place to place all the time.

I'm sure there are plenty of pros depending on what a person prioritizes when it comes to travel, but to me being fed, having a place to sleep, a bunch of activities and entertainment, and beautiful places makes for a great list of pros in my book. There's plenty of great things about going on a cruise, but like every trip, there will always be a few cons.


  1. Like any transportation, anything can happen to the ship. It can get stuck in the middle of nowhere or it can sink.
  2. If you are going solo, be careful. This past week I heard the story of a solo woman who was beaten up by a crew member (word of advise: Be kind to everyone!)
  3. The gratuity and taxes. Even if you pay the full amount for the cruise, you still get charged gratuity and fees everyday (depending on the cruise line).
  4. If you are like me and like to do it all, there is a possibility that you will end up bored of all the on board activities.
  5. Even though many cruise lines have a gym, you can still get fat from all the food and desserts.

Going on a cruise is not bad at all. Not only do they provide a great experience, but it may also be cheaper than going on a regular trip, where you have to worry about hotel, food, plane and other forms of transportation. This, of course, also depends on the destinations of your choice. I ended up going to the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Turks and Caicos, which not only did it not burn a hole in my wallet, but made it a trip to remember. So the next time you plan to take a trip, consider going on a cruise to your destination. You may be surprised just how much you'll save.

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