United States There are 134 ports in United States

The United States of America is a country that is so vast that one visit is never enough! It truly has some great places to explore. While America's big cities often grab the limelight the nation's state capitals are also worth a closer look. Although some capitals are also their state's main tourism hubs - such as Denver, Boston and Nashville - others are smaller but no less lively or captivating. Weekends away in America's lesser-known capital cities are the next big thing.

Cruises that visit United States

Below is a small selection of the wide range of cruises that visit United States. For more details click on any of the links below.

11 Night Southern Caribbean Cruise

Vision of the Seas

Vision of the Seas 29th Mar 2021

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

£775 11 nights

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Bahamas from Baltimore, Md

Carnival Pride

Carnival Pride 13th Dec 2020

Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland

£478 7 nights

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8 Night Bahamas Holiday Cruise

Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas 19th Dec 2020

Cape Liberty, Bayonne, New Jersey
Cape Liberty, Bayonne, New Jersey

£1,167 8 nights

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5 Night Western Caribbean Cruise

Independence of the Seas

Independence of the Seas 8th Mar 2021

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

£523 5 nights

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Cruises that visit United States

United States There are 134 ports in United States

United States has 134 ports that are visited by cruise ships. To find out more about any of these ports simply click on the map above or on one of the links below.


Washington, D.C.


3796742 km2



List of ports in United States

Port NameCodeLatLong
Miami, FloridaUSMIA25.7617-80.1918
Astoria, OregonUSAST46.1879-123.831
Stevenson, WashingtonUSEVS45.6957-121.885
The Dalles, OregonUSDLS45.5946-121.179
Portland, OregonUSPDX45.5231-122.676
Clarkston, WashingtonUSCKL46.4163-117.045
Richland, WashingtonUSRLD46.2857-119.284
Nashville, TennesseeUSBNA36.1627-86.7816
New Orleans, LouisianaUSMSY29.9511-90.0715
Oak Alley, LouisianaUSOA430.0043-90.776
Saint Francisville, LouisianaUSSFV30.7881-91.3768
Dover, WashingtonUSDZR46.2692-119.299
Natchez, MississippiUSHEZ31.5604-91.4032
Silver Grove, KentuckyUSVKS39.0345-84.3902
Decatur, IllinoisUSDEC39.8403-88.9548
Helena, ArkansasUSHEE34.5291-90.59
Memphis, TennesseeUSMEM35.1495-90.049
Chattanooga, TennesseeUSCHA35.0456-85.3097
Nottoway, LouisianaUSNO430.1863-91.167
Baton Rouge, LouisianaUSBTR30.45-91.1333
Grand Gulf, MississippiUSGG132.0301-91.0536
Greenville, MississippiUSGLH33.3997-91.0377
Paducah, KentuckyUSPAH37.0833-88.6167
Clarksville, TennesseeUSCKV36.5298-87.3595
Cape Girardeau, MissouriUSCGI37.3059-89.5182
Oberlin, OhioUSXNW36.5833-89.5167
Savannah, TennesseeUSTSA35.2167-88.2333
Ashport Landing, TennesseeUSAP635.718-88.833
Galveston, TexasUSGLS29.3013-94.7977
Port Canaveral, FloridaUSPCV28.4104-80.6188
New York, New YorkUSNYC40.7128-74.0059
Key West, FloridaUSEYW24.5555-81.78
Fort Lauderdale, FloridaUSFLL26.1224-80.1373
Rowan Bay, AlaskaUS1RW56.6539-134.251
Rudyerd Bay, Misty Fjords, AlaskaUS1RU55.5897-130.746
Hoggatt Bay, AlaskaUS1HO56.7791-134.72
Barry Arm Fjord, AlaskaUS1BA61.029-148.135
Chankliut Island, AlaskaUS1CH56.144-158.125
Tsaa Fjord, Icy Bay, AlaskaUS1TF59.9646-141.5
Holgate Glacier, AlaskaUS1HG59.8667-149.917
Hidden Harbor, Kinak Bay, AlaskaUS1HH58.1992-154.494
Baranof Island, AlaskaUSBNF56.9974-135
Point Barrow, AlaskaUSTBW71.2833-156.667
Little Diomede Island, AlaskaUSLD365.7522-168.924
King Island, AlaskaUSKI564.972-168.061
Nome, AlaskaUSOME64.5011-165.406
St. Matthew Island, AlaskaUSSM160.4196-172.745
Saint Paul Island, AlaskaUSSNP57.1225-170.28
Dutch Harbor, AlaskaUSDUT53.8898-166.542
Unga Island, AlaskaUSUN155.2693-160.675
Geographic Harbor, AlaskaUSGH158.1088-154.588
Sitka, AlaskaUSSIT57.0531-135.33
Kake, AlaskaUSKAE56.9758-133.947
San Francisco, CaliforniaUSSFO37.7749-122.419
Monterey, CaliforniaUSMY336.6-121.9
Los Angeles, CaliforniaUSLAX34.0522-118.244
San Diego, CaliforniaUSSAN32.7157-117.161
Seward, AlaskaUSSWD60.1042-149.442
Honolulu, HawaiiUSHNL21.3069-157.858
Hilo, HawaiiUSITO19.7071-155.088
Mackinac Island, MichiganUSMCD45.8492-84.6189
Milwaukee, WisconsinUSMKE43.0389-87.9065
Bar Harbor, MaineUSBHB44.3876-68.2039
Boston, MassachusettsUSBOS42.3558-71.0598
Attu Island, AlaskaUSATU52.8763172.89
Aleutian Islands, AlaskaUSAI154.48-164.553
Kiska Island, AlaskaUSKIS51.95177.55
Adak Island, AlaskaUSADK51.7616-176.622
Elfin Cove, AlaskaUSELV58.1944-136.343
Inian Islands, AlaskaUSIN158.2486-136.329
Juneau, AlaskaUSJNU58.3019-134.42
College Fjord, AlaskaUSCF161.1095-147.919
Cordova, AlaskaUSCDV60.5424-145.753
Hubbard GlacierUSHG160.0167-139.5
Brothers Islands, AlaskaUSBI157.925-152.55
Endicott Arm, AlaskaUSEN157.6278-133.261
Wrangell, AlaskaUSWRG56.4708-132.377
Petersburg, AlaskaUSPSG56.8125-132.956
Coronado, CaliforniaUSCD432.6833-117.167
Amchitka Island, Aleutian Islands, AlaskaUSAHT51.5006179.041
Atka Island, Aleutian Islands, AlaskaUSAKB52.1621-174.345
Chuginadak Island, Aleutian Islands, AlaskaUS!CHG52.8405169.756
Yunaska Island, Aleutian Islands, AlaskaUS!YUN52.655170.644
Ketchikan, AlaskaUSKTN55.3422-131.646
Tracy Arm, AlaskaUSTA557.8569-133.589
Haines, AlaskaUSHNS59.2358-135.445
Skagway, AlaskaUSSGY59.4583-135.314
Kodiak, AlaskaUSADQ57.79-152.407
Valdez, AlaskaUSVDZ61.1308-146.348
Icy Strait PointUSICY58.1292-135.463
Portland, MaineUSPWM43.6615-70.2553
Norfolk, VirginiaUSORF36.8508-76.2859
Santa Barbara, CaliforniaUSSBA34.4208-119.698
Lahaina, HawaiiUSLHN20.8783-156.682
Nawiliwili, HawaiiUSNIJ21.9667-159.367
Kailua-Kona, HawaiiUSKHH19.64-155.997
Seattle, WashingtonUSSEA47.6062-122.321
Newport, Rhode IslandUSNPT41.4901-71.3128
Provincetown, MassachusettsUSPVC42.0584-70.1786
Lanai Island, HawaiiUSLNY20.8166-156.927
Misty Fjords National Monument, AlaskaUSMF155.3525-131.686
Anchorage, AlaskaUSANC61.2181-149.9
Lihue, Kauai Island, HawaiiUSLIH21.9811-159.371
Glacier BayUSGB158.6658-136.9
Homer, AlaskaUSHOM59.6425-151.548
Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, CaliforniaUSAOU33.3333-118.317
Tampa, FloridaUSTPA27.9506-82.4572
Charleston, South CarolinaUSCHS32.7765-79.9315
Seguam Island, AlaskaUS1SG52.3123-172.454
Chignik, AlaskaUSKCL56.2953-158.402
Aghiyuk Island, Semidi IslandsUS1AG56.1768-156.793
Larsen Bay, Kodiak Island, AlaskaUSKLN57.54-153.979
Chiswell Islands, AlaskaUSCW159.642-149.615
Walker Cove, AlaskaUSWA161.5381-160.313
Point Adolphus, AlaskaUSPD358.2858-135.782
Sail Island, AlaskaUSSI157.3481-133.721
Metlakatla, AlaskaUSMTM55.1292-131.572
Hall Island, AlaskaUSHI160.6527-173.07
Salem, MassachusettsUSSLM42.5195-70.8967
Martha's Vineyard, MassachusettsUSOB241.45-70.5667
Castle Bay, AlaskaUSCB156.2466-158.22
Semidi Islands, AlaskaUSSE156.0619-156.698
Barrow, AlaskaUSBRW71.2906-156.789
Longview, WashingtonUSLOG46.1382-122.938
Rockland, MaineUSRKD44.1037-69.1089
Long Beach, CaliforniaUSLGB33.7667-118.183
Jacksonville, FloridaUSJAX30.3322-81.6556
Mobile, AlabamaUSMOB30.6954-88.0399
Santa Catalina Island, CaliforniaUSCKI33.3833-118.417
Baltimore, MarylandUSBAL39.2904-76.6122
Cape Liberty, Bayonne, New JerseyUSBAY40.6649-74.0726

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