Thailand There are 15 ports in Thailand

Thailand is unlike other frequent travel destinations in the world. This magnificent country possesses an eclectic mix of cultures, traditions, people, landscapes, and history. It is in many ways the complete destination for family holidays, a break with friends, a romantic getaway and also the perfect setting for a wedding and honeymoons.

Cruises that visit Thailand

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Cruises that visit Thailand

Thailand There are 15 ports in Thailand

Thailand has 15 ports that are visited by cruise ships. To find out more about any of these ports simply click on the map above or on one of the links below.




513120 km2



List of ports in Thailand

Port NameCodeLatLong
Koh KoodTHKKO11.6681102.564
Ko MiangTHKMI8.5666797.6372
Phi Phi IslandsTHPHZ7.7407498.7784
Ko SamuiTHKSM9.5333399.9333
Laem ChabangTHLCH13.1041100.916
Similan IslandsTHSIM8.6578697.6467
Ko Rok NoiTHKRO7.1995899.0599
Ko KradanTHKKR7.314499.2522
Koh HongTHKHO8.0780998.6783
Phang NgaTHPHA8.4501498.5255
Ko AdangTHKAD6.5401599.2952
Butang IslandsTHBUT6.5280699.1669
Klong ToeyTHKTL13.7100.583

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