Solomon Islands There are 8 ports in Solomon Islands

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Cruises that visit Solomon Islands

Below is a small selection of the wide range of cruises that visit Solomon Islands. For more details click on any of the links below.

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Cruises that visit Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands There are 8 ports in Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands has 8 ports that are visited by cruise ships. To find out more about any of these ports simply click on the map above or on one of the links below.




28400 km2



List of ports in Solomon Islands

Port NameCodeLatLong
Vanikoro IslandSBVAN-11.65166.9
Santa Ana IslandSBNNB-10.8343162.467
Honiara, Guadalcanal IslandSBHIR-9.44564159.973
Roderick Bay SBROD-8.86603160.023
Njari IslandSBNJA-8.015156.755
Tavanipupu IslandSB!TAV-9.826160.832
Champagne Beach, Espiritu Santo IslandSBCHA-15.1438167.12