Serbia There are 8 ports in Serbia

Serbia has connected West with East for centuries - a land in which civilisations, cultures, faiths, climates and landscapes meet and mingle. It does not take long for visitors to Serbia to discover the hospitality, kindness, openness and warmth of the country's residents.

Cruises that visit Serbia

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Cruises that visit Serbia

Serbia There are 8 ports in Serbia

Serbia has 8 ports that are visited by cruise ships. To find out more about any of these ports simply click on the map above or on one of the links below.




88361 km2



List of ports in Serbia

Port NameCodeLatLong
Novi SadRSNVS45.267119.8335
Sremska MitrovicaRSSRM44.979519.621
Donji MilanovacRSDMC44.454722.1083
Veliko GradisteRSVGS44.7521.5

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