Gustavia Saint Barthélemy

Gustavia is the capital and harbour city of St Bart's, an island in the West Indies and an overseas collectivity of France. The island benefits from a tropical climate thanks to its location in the Caribbean Sea and is a volcanic island fringed with sandy beaches, luxurious villas, small elegant hotels and world class French restaurants. The main activity on the island is relaxing on any of its white sandy beaches or pampering in the island’s spas and wellbeing centres. The warm Caribbean waters are perfect for Scuba diving, deep sea fishing, sailing, windsurfing and boat excursions and tours around the island coastline. Other outdoor activities to enjoy on the island include tennis, volleyball, hiking and horseback riding with plenty of trails to take around the island and enjoy the serene, picturesque beauty of the landscape. Duty free shopping and the range of high end designer shops are reminiscent of Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré in Paris and many of St Bart’s local restaurants offer traditional French and Caribbean cuisines.