Livorno Italy

On the west coast of Tuscany, the Italian port city of Livorno known for its Renaissance-era buildings and important modern harbour, is the ideal port for excursions to Pisa and Florence.Along the coast the spectacular Terrazza Mascagni, a wide promenade with checkerboard paving offers mesmerising views and breath-taking sunsets across the Tyrrhenian Sea. Situated on the Terrazza Mascagni visit the Acquario di Livorno, an aquarium presenting an excellent sea-life display, including blacktip and zebra sharks swimming around coral reefs, majestic sea turtles, elegant sea-horses and so much more.

Discover the canals of Nuova Venezia (New Venice) on a boat tour passing by the Fortezza Nuova - the new fort and cruising underneath the Piazza Della Repubblica.