Bremerhaven Germany

Bremerhaven was founded in 1139. In 1827 the decision was taken to make this small fishing town a huge deep-sea port, and today Bremerhaven, along with Bremen, forms the smallest of Germany’s federal states. This busy port is still part of the municipality of Bremen, and half of Germany’s fishing fleet deposit their catch here. Bremerhaven’s lighthouse, a famous landmark, dates back to 1853 and is the oldest working lighthouse on Germany's mainland North Sea coast. Bremerhaven is home to the German Shipping Museum, founded in 1971, which houses many interesting exhibits including a well-preserved 14th-century Hanseatic trading vessel, found at the bottom of the River Weser during dredging operations. Another attraction is the German Migration Museum, which tells the stories of Germans who migrated to the New World and of foreigners who have made their homes in Germany.