Cambodia There are 17 ports in Cambodia

Cambodia is perhaps best known for the breathtaking temples of Angkor. But with the buzz of Phnom Penh and beautiful secluded beaches such as Koh Rong the country has much more to offer.

Cruises that visit Cambodia

Below is a small selection of the wide range of cruises that visit Cambodia. For more details click on any of the links below.

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Cruises that visit Cambodia

Cambodia There are 17 ports in Cambodia

Cambodia has 17 ports that are visited by cruise ships. To find out more about any of these ports simply click on the map above or on one of the links below.


Phnom Penh


181035 km2



List of ports in Cambodia

Port NameCodeLatLong
Kâmpóng SaômKHKOS10.6103.517
Koh KongKHKKZ11.5763103.359
Phnom PenhKHPNH11.5449104.892
Chong Koh VillageKHCKV11.6212104.94
Kampong TralachKHKTR11.9394104.714
Tonlé SapKHTOS12.9276104.054
Kampong ChhnangKHKCN12.1392104.566
Siem ReapKHREP13.3671103.845
Koh ChenKHKOC11.8061104.991
Kampong ChamKHKCH11.9924105.465
Prek Bang KongKHPBK11.5384104.971
Angkor BanKHABA11.9651105.214
Oknha Tey VillageKGOKH11.6335104.942