Belgium There are 6 ports in Belgium

Belgium is a country of fun. It has a vibrant cultural scene and its night live is one big celebration. Whether you're looking for a weekend break or a longer trip, Belgium has plenty to offer to tourists. From walking, sports and the outdoors inthe Ardennes, to cycling along the beaches.

Cruises that visit Belgium

Below is a small selection of the wide range of cruises that visit Belgium. For more details click on any of the links below.

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Cruises that visit Belgium

Belgium There are 6 ports in Belgium

Belgium has 6 ports that are visited by cruise ships. To find out more about any of these ports simply click on the map above or on one of the links below.




30688 km2



List of ports in Belgium

Port NameCodeLatLong
Oostende (Ostend)BEOST51.22.91667
Gent (Ghent)BEGNE51.053.71667
Brussel (Bruxelles)BEBRU50.83334.33333
Brugge (Bruges)BEBGS51.21673.23333

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