Australia There are 89 ports in Australia

Whether you're looking for adventure, journeys, nature, great food and wine, events and culture, islands and beaches to relax on or to connect with the oldest culture on earth, there's nothing like Australia.

Cruises that visit Australia

Below is a small selection of the wide range of cruises that visit Australia. For more details click on any of the links below.

35-Day Hawaii, Tahiti & South Pacific

Coral Princess

Coral Princess 16th Sep 2023


Call for price 35 nights

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10 Night New Zealand Cruise

Ovation of the Seas

Ovation of the Seas 5th Apr 2023

Sydney, New South Wales
Sydney, New South Wales

Call for price 10 nights

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Great Barrier Reef from Brisbane, Australia

Carnival Spirit

Carnival Spirit 11th Jun 2023

Brisbane, Queensland
Brisbane, Queensland

Call for price 7 nights

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107-Day World Cruise - Roundtrip Brisbane

Coral Princess

Coral Princess 6th Jun 2023

Brisbane, Queensland
Brisbane, Queensland

Call for price 107 nights

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Cruises that visit Australia

Australia There are 89 ports in Australia

Australia has 89 ports that are visited by cruise ships. To find out more about any of these ports simply click on the map above or on one of the links below.




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List of ports in Australia

Port NameCodeLatLong
Hobart, TasmaniaAUHBA-42.8667147.3
Melbourne, VictoriaAUMEL-37.8141144.963
Sydney, New South WalesAUSYD-33.8675151.207
Brisbane, QueenslandAUBNE-27.471153.023
Hamilton IslandAUHTI-20.3519148.957
Cairns, QueenslandAUCNS-16.9203145.771
Darwin, Northern TerritoryAUDRW-12.4628130.842
Thursday Island, QueenslandAUTIS-10.5799142.219
Lizard Island National Park, QueenslandAULZR-14.6645145.465
Fraser Island, QueenslandAU1FR-25.2462152.871
Hardy Reef, QueenslandAUHRE-19.7643149.231
Percy Isles, QueenslandAUPEC-21.6667150
Macquarie Island, TasmaniaAUMQI-54.4833158.933
Wyndham, Western AustraliaAUWYN-15.4825128.123
Vansittart Bay, Western AustraliaAUVAN-14.04126.307
Lady Musgrave Island, QueenslandAU1LM-23.9065152.388
Montgomery Reef, Western AustraliaAUMRE-31.9631115.779
Raft Point, Western AustraliaAURAT-16.065124.445
Freshwater CoveAUFWC-15.8115124.411
Talbot Bay, Western AustraliaAUTAL-16.2956123.844
Lacepede Islands, Western AustraliaAULAC-16.8556122.137
Broome, Western AustraliaAUBME-17.9614122.236
Wurrumiyanga, Bathurst Island, Northern TerritoryAUBRT-11.7557130.607
Elcho Island, Northern TerritoryAUELC-11.9129135.606
Yirrkala, Northern TerritoryAU!YIR-12.2462136.868
Hunter River & Mitchell Falls, Western AustraliaAU1HM-14.8222125.694
Flinders Island, TasmaniaAUFLS-39.9836148.053
Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, TasmaniaAUWIG-42.1306148.312
Careening Bay, Western AustraliaAU!CAR-15.095124.989
Rowley Shoals, Western AustraliaAU1RW-17.3333119.167
Browse Island Nature ReserveAU!BRW-14.112123.537
Ashmore and Cartier IslandsAU!ASH-12.2536122.96
Jar Island, Western AustraliaAU!JAR-14.154126.227
Palmerston, Northern TerritoryAUPAL-12.4667130.833
Townsville, QueenslandAUTSV-19.259146.817
Whitsunday Island, QueenslandAUWSI-20.25149.017
Newcastle, New South WalesAUNTL-32.9283151.782
Airlie BeachAUWSY-20.2675148.717
Geelong, VictoriaAUGEX-38.1499144.362
Adelaide, South AustraliaAUADL-34.9286138.6
Albany, Western AustraliaAUALH-35.0275117.884
Fremantle, Western AustraliaAUFRE-32.056115.747
Kangaroo Island, South AustraliaAUKAG-35.7752137.214
Busselton, Western AustraliaAUBUS-33.6555115.35
Port Arthur, TasmaniaAUPAU-43.1775147.842
Port Douglas, QueenslandAUPTI-16.4836145.465
Cooktown, QueenslandAUCTN-15.4758145.247
Mooloolaba, QueenslandAUMLL-26.6833153.133
Cape York, QueenslandAUCYO-10.7142.517
Great Barrier Reef, QueenslandAUGBR-18.2871147.699
Ribbon Reef, Great Barrier ReefAURIB-14.8145.7
Willis Island, QueenslandAUWID-16.288149.965
Coral Sea IslandsAUCRS-19.0833150.9
Hinchinbrook Island, QueenslandAUHNK-18.3833146.283
Magnetic Island, QueenslandAUMAG-19.1359146.842
Lady Elliot Islands, QueenslandAULAE-24.1129152.714
Hervey Bay, QueenslandAUHVB-25.2882152.768
Grassy, King Island, TasmaniaAUGRA-40.0622144.054
Coles Bay, TasmaniaAUCOS-42.0811148.233
Ile des Phoques, TasmaniaAUPHO-42.4135148.162
Maria Island, TasmaniaAUMAI-42.6451148.065
Bruny Island, TasmaniaAU1BR-43.3937147.268
Eden, New South WalesAUQDN-37.0667149.9
Kingfisher Bay, Fraser IslandAUKFB-25.3924153.031
Canberra, Australian Capital TerritoryAUCBR-35.2809149.13
Phillip Island, VictoriaAUPIS-38.4833145.233
Port Lincoln, South AustraliaAUPLO-34.7302135.85
Bunbury, Western AustraliaAUBUY-33.3256115.64
Perth, Western AustraliaAUPER-31.95115.85
Geraldton, Western AustraliaAUGET-28.7774114.615
Exmouth, Western AustraliaAUPEX-21.9445114.131
Kuri Bay, Western AustraliaAUKUI-15.4819124.523
Kingston, South AustraliaAUKIT-36.8422139.842
Portland Bay, VictoriaAUPOB-38.3292141.636
Moreton Island, QueenslandAUMET-27.0873153.415
Esperance, Western AustraliaAUEPR-33.8608121.89
Gladstone, QueenslandAUGLT-23.8426151.249
Burnie, TasmaniaAUBWT-41.0529145.905
Cascade, Norfolk IslandAUCAC-29.0288167.963
Buccaneer Archipelago, Western AustraliaAUBCA-16.2162123.483
Jurien Bay, Western AustraliaAUJUR-30.297115.042
Abrolhos Islands, Western AustraliaAU1AB-28.6592113.811
Ningaloo, Western AustraliaAUNIV-21.4114.083
Portland, VictoriaAUPTJ-38.3609141.604
Yorkeys Knob, Cairns, QueenslandAUYKK-16.812145.721
Kimberley Coast, Western AustraliaAUKIM-14.5797125.913
Port Kembla, New South WalesAUPKL-34.4854150.9
Port Hedland, Western AustraliaAUPHE-20.3107118.588