Aurora 2020-2022 Cruise Calendar

Below is Aurora's complete 2020-2022 Cruise Calendar consisting of 60 cruises.

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Aurora 2020-2022 Cruise Calendar

28th Feb 2012Norway and Northern LightsCall for price
11th Mar 2012Norway and Northern LightsCall for price
23rd Mar 2012Canary IslandsCall for price
4th Apr 207Canary Islands & IberiaCall for price
11th Apr 2013Canary Islands & IberiaCall for price
24th Apr 207Western EuropeCall for price
1st May 2016Canary Islands & IberiaCall for price
17th May 2019CroatiaCall for price
5th Jun 2018Italy and SpainCall for price
23rd Jun 2014BalticCall for price
7th Jul 2012Norway & IcelandCall for price
19th Jul 2021Norway & IcelandCall for price
9th Aug 207Canary Islands & Iberia£429
16th Aug 2014Norway & IcelandCall for price
30th Aug 2019Spain, Italy and Croatia£1,099
18th Sep 2024North America & Canada£2,529
12th Oct 2018Spain, Italy and France£1,649
30th Oct 2012Norway and Northern Lights£1,199
11th Nov 2028Caribbean£2,719
9th Dec 2010Spain and Portugal£819
19th Dec 202Belgium£319
21st Dec 2016Spain, Portugal and Canary Islands£2,849
6th Jan 2165Aurora's Caribbean and South America Adventure£8,539
12th Mar 2112Norway and Northern Lights£1,499
24th Mar 2112Norway and Northern Lights£1,449
5th Apr 2119Mediterranean£1,299
24th Apr 217Western Europe£579
1st May 2119Western Europe£1,699
20th May 2116Baltic£1,399
5th Jun 2112Norwegian Fjords£1,199
17th Jun 2119Central Mediterranean£1,849
6th Jul 2114Iceland£1,349
20th Jul 2116Baltic£1,449
5th Aug 2112Norwegian Fjords£1,149
17th Aug 2116Baltic£1,349
2nd Sep 2130Canada New England£2,999
2nd Oct 2112Northern Lights£899
14th Oct 2119Central Mediterranean£1,799
2nd Nov 2117Mediterranean£1,199
19th Nov 2112Northern Lights£899
17th Dec 213Western Europe£329
20th Dec 219Baltic£849
29th Dec 215Western Europe£649
3rd Jan 2248Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys - Southampton to Sydney£5,089
3rd Jan 2299World Cruise£10,289
3rd Jan 2224Southampton to San Francisco£2,699
3rd Jan 2250Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys - Southampton to Brisbane£5,619
3rd Jan 2242Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys - Southampton to Auckland£4,719
27th Jan 2257San Francisco to DubaiCall for price
27th Jan 2224San Francisco to Sydney£3,949
15th Feb 2257Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys - Auckland to Southampton£6,559
21st Feb 2223Sydney to Singapore£3,979
21st Feb 2219Sydney to Hong Kong£3,279
21st Feb 2251Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys - Sydney to Southampton£6,139
23rd Feb 2249Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys - Brisbane to Southampton£5,619
23rd Feb 2217Brisbane to Hong Kong£2,949
12th Mar 2214Hong Kong to Dubai£2,331
12th Mar 2232Hong Kong to Southampton£3,999
16th Mar 2228Singapore to Southampton£3,379
26th Mar 2218Dubai to Southampton£2,019

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