Queen Victoria 2019-2022 Cruise Calendar

Below is Queen Victoria's complete 2019-2022 Cruise Calendar consisting of 145 cruises.

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Queen Victoria 2019-2022 Cruise Calendar

12th Apr 1918From Cape Town to HamburgCall for price
12th Apr 1916From Cape Town to SouthamptonCall for price
28th Apr 1914Baltic HighlightsCall for price
28th Apr 192From Southampton to HamburgCall for price
30th Apr 199SkandinavienCall for price
30th Apr 1912SkandinavienCall for price
9th May 1910Norwegische FjordeCall for price
9th May 193From Kiel to SouthamptonCall for price
12th May 197The FjordsCall for price
19th May 1916Baltic ExplorerCall for price
4th Jun 1912British IslesCall for price
16th Jun 197The FjordsCall for price
23rd Jun 197Netherlands, Belgium and FranceCall for price
30th Jun 1914Iceland and the FjordsCall for price
30th Jun 1916Iceland and the FjordsCall for price
14th Jul 1914Baltic HighlightsCall for price
14th Jul 192From Southampton to HamburgCall for price
16th Jul 199SkandinavienCall for price
25th Jul 193From Kiel to SouthamptonCall for price
25th Jul 1917Iceland and British IslesCall for price
28th Jul 1914Iceland and British IslesCall for price
11th Aug 1912Around the British IslesCall for price
23rd Aug 1914Baltic ExplorerCall for price
6th Sep 1914Mediterranean HighlightsCall for price
20th Sep 1910Venice and The AdriaticCall for price
20th Sep 1919Venice and The AdriaticCall for price
30th Sep 199From Venice to SouthamptonCall for price
9th Oct 1912The Canary IslandsCall for price
21st Oct 1914Mediterranean Highlights£1,399
4th Nov 1912The Canary Islands£1,299
16th Nov 1912Norway and Northern Lights£1,199
28th Nov 1910Atlantic Coast Adventure£1,049
8th Dec 1912The Canary Islands£1,249
20th Dec 193Autumn Escape£399
23rd Dec 1916Canary Islands CelebrationCall for price
23rd Dec 1914Canary Islands Celebration£3,899
6th Jan 202Southampton to Hamburg£99
6th Jan 204Hamburg Short Break£412
8th Jan 2082Hamburg South America Discovery£10,308
8th Jan 2013Westbound Transatlantic Crossing to Fort Lauderdale£1,279
10th Jan 2011Westbount Transatlantic Crossing to Fort Lauderdale£1,109
10th Jan 2078Discover South America£8,899
10th Jan 2031Southampton to Rio de Janeiro£3,629
21st Jan 2020Fort Lauderdale to Rio de Janeiro£2,869
21st Jan 2056South America Roundtrip Fort Lauderdale£6,899
10th Feb 2019Rio de Janeiro to San Antonio£2,589
10th Feb 2036From Rio De Janeiro to Fort LauderdaleCall for price
29th Feb 2017San Antonio to Fort Lauderdale£2,009
29th Feb 2028San Antonio to Southampton£3,419
17th Mar 2013Eastbound Transatlantic Crossing from Fort Lauderdale£1,199
17th Mar 2011Eastbound Transatlantic Crossing from Fort LauderdaleCall for price
28th Mar 207Hamburg, Amsterdam and Bruges£699
28th Mar 202Southampton to Hamburg£299
30th Mar 205Amsterdam and Bruges£699
30th Mar 2017The Canary Islands£1,989
4th Apr 2012The Canary Islands£1,249
16th Apr 2010Atlantic Coast Adventure£999
26th Apr 207Netherlands, Belgium and France£699
3rd May 2012Norwegian Explorer£1,449
15th May 2016Baltic Highlights£1,999
31st May 207The Fjords£999
7th Jun 2012British Isles£1,649
19th Jun 2014Iceland and British Isles£1,749
3rd Jul 207The Fjords£999
10th Jul 2014Baltic Highlights£1,819
24th Jul 2014Iceland and British Isles£1,699
7th Aug 2012Norwegian Explorer£1,599
19th Aug 204Bruges and Amsterdam£599
23rd Aug 202Southampton to Hamburg£299
23rd Aug 2014Baltic Highlights£1,899
25th Aug 209Baltic Highlights£1,499
3rd Sep 203Kiel to Southampton£409
3rd Sep 2017Mediterranean Highlights£2,549
6th Sep 2014Mediterranean Highlights£1,999
20th Sep 2019Venice and the Adriatic£2,799
9th Oct 2012Norway and Northern Lights£1,549
21st Oct 2014The Canary Islands£1,449
4th Nov 2012Norway and Northern Lights£1,599
16th Nov 2012Atlantic Coast Adventure£1,299
28th Nov 2012The Canary Islands£1,299
10th Dec 203Bruges Short Break£349
13th Dec 2010Atlantic Coast Adventure£999
23rd Dec 2014Canary Islands Celebration£2,499
23rd Dec 2016Canary Islands CelebrationCall for price
6th Jan 214Hamburg Short Break£399
6th Jan 212outhampton to Hamburg£319
8th Jan 212Hamburg to Southampton£369
8th Jan 2113Westbound Transatlantic Crossing to Fort Lauderdale£1,399
8th Jan 2150Hamburg to Sydney£6,359
8th Jan 21112World Voyage£12,499
10th Jan 21108World Voyage£11,899
10th Jan 2148Southampton to Sydney£6,134
10th Jan 2144Southampton to Auckland£5,591
10th Jan 2127Southampton to San Francisco£2,899
10th Jan 2111Westbound Transatlantic Crossing to Fort Lauderdale£989
21st Jan 2116Panama CanalCall for price
21st Jan 2137Panama Canal & New ZealandCall for price
21st Jan 2197Fort Lauderdale to Southampton£11,999
6th Feb 2181San Francisco to Southampton£9,829
6th Feb 2124San Francisco to Brisbane£4,216
6th Feb 2117San Francisco to AucklandCall for price
6th Feb 2121San Francisco to Sydney£3,430
24th Feb 214Auckland to Sydney£849
24th Feb 2164Auckland to Southampton£8,399
28th Feb 2160Sydney to Southampton£7,289
28th Feb 2145Sydney to Cape Town£5,959
28th Feb 2125Sydney to Singapore£3,099
28th Feb 2120Sydney to Hong Kong£2,849
3rd Mar 2122Brisbane to Singapore£3,169
20th Mar 2142Hong Kong to Hamburg£5,319
20th Mar 2140Hong Kong to Southampton£4,719
20th Mar 215Hong Kong to Singapore£1,111
20th Mar 2125Hong Kong to Cape Town£3,134
25th Mar 2120Singapore to Cape Town£2,704
25th Mar 2135Singapore to Southampton£4,191
14th Apr 2117Cape Town to Hamburg£2,539
14th Apr 2115Cape Town to Southampton£1,489
29th Apr 212Southampton to Hamburg£369
17th May 2113From Southampton to Southampton£1,449
30th May 217From Southampton to Southampton£829
6th Jun 2114From Southampton to Southampton£1,799
20th Jun 219From Southampton to Hamburg£1,299
20th Jun 217From Southampton to Southampton£879
27th Jun 2114From Southampton to Southampton£1,599
27th Jun 212From Southampton to Hamburg£349
29th Jun 219From Hamburg to Kiel£1,299
8th Jul 2117From Kiel to Southampton£2,089
8th Jul 213From Kiel to Southampton£429
11th Jul 2114From Southampton to Southampton£1,599
25th Jul 217From Southampton to Southampton£879
1st Aug 2112From Southampton to Southampton£1,349
13th Aug 2114From Southampton to Southampton£1,599
27th Aug 2114From Southampton to Southampton£1,599
10th Sep 217From Southampton to Southampton£829
17th Sep 2114From Southampton to Southampton£1,699
1st Oct 2119From Southampton to Southampton£2,249
20th Oct 2112From Southampton to Southampton£1,299
1st Nov 2114From Southampton to Southampton£1,349
15th Nov 2112From Southampton to Southampton£1,299
27th Nov 214From Southampton to Southampton£479
1st Dec 2112From Southampton to Southampton£1,099
13th Dec 2110From Southampton to Southampton£889
23rd Dec 2114From Southampton to Southampton£2,249
23rd Dec 2116From Southampton to Hamburg£2,749
6th Jan 222From Southampton to Hamburg£269

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