Crystal Serenity 2021-2023 Cruise Calendar

Below is Crystal Serenity's complete 2021-2023 Cruise Calendar consisting of 133 cruises.

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Crystal Serenity 2021-2023 Cruise Calendar

5th Jan 2116Coral Sunsets & Golden PanamaCall for price
5th Jan 21139Ancient Dynasties & World WondersCall for price
5th Jan 21127Ancient Dynasties & World WondersCall for price
21st Jan 21123Ancient Dynasties & World WondersCall for price
21st Jan 2121South Pacific WanderlustCall for price
21st Jan 21111Ancient Dynasties & World WondersCall for price
27th Jan 2115South Pacific Wanderlust (15 Night Getaway)Call for price
11th Feb 2118Exotic Isles of Southeast AsiaCall for price
1st Mar 2112Treasures of the OrientCall for price
1st Mar 2124Grand Journey: Japan & ChinaCall for price
13th Mar 215Kingdoms of Jade & Pearls (5 Night Getaway)Call for price
13th Mar 2142Grand Journey: The Far East & IndiaCall for price
13th Mar 2112Kingdoms of Jade & PearlsCall for price
18th Mar 217Kingdoms of Jade & Pearls (7 Night Getaway)Call for price
25th Mar 2114Far East FascinationCall for price
8th Apr 2116Spice Route WayfarerCall for price
24th Apr 2130Grand Journey: UAE, Egypt & Western EuropeCall for price
24th Apr 2118Modern & Ancient MarvelsCall for price
12th May 2112Western Europe WinelandsCall for price
6th Jun 217Fjords & CastlesCall for price
6th Jun 2121Grand Journey: Norwegian Fjords & North CapeCall for price
13th Jun 2114North Cape MidsummerCall for price
13th Jun 2137Grand Journey: Norwegian Fjords & Baltic SeaCall for price
13th Jun 2125Grand Journey: Norwegian Fjords & The BalticCall for price
27th Jun 2123Grand Journey: Baltic Capital ImmersionCall for price
27th Jun 2111Lands of Castles & CzarsCall for price
8th Jul 2124Grand Journey: Baltic, British Isles & IcelandCall for price
8th Jul 2112Baltic Capitals & CulturesCall for price
20th Jul 2112Irish Sea to Iceland£5,286
1st Aug 2112Fjords of Iceland & Norway£6,889
1st Aug 2147Grand Journey: Majestic Europe to America£25,046
13th Aug 217Emerald Isle Immersion£4,149
20th Aug 217Celtic Discovery£3,156
27th Aug 2129Grand Journey: Western Europe to North America£13,851
27th Aug 2121Grand Journey: Epic Atlantic Crossing£9,855
27th Aug 219Cultural Wonders£3,994
5th Sep 2112Across the Atlantic£4,419
17th Sep 218North American Majesties£3,116
25th Sep 218Discovery in the Maritimes£3,155
3rd Oct 218Skyscrapers & Fortresses£3,345
11th Oct 2115Grand Journey: New England Immersive£6,153
11th Oct 2139Grand Journey: North America & The Amazon£14,313
11th Oct 218Lighthouses & Lobster£3,116
19th Oct 217New England Classic£2,698
19th Oct 2131Grand Journey: New England, Amazon & The Tropics£11,004
26th Oct 2124New York to the Amazon£7,702
26th Oct 2140Grand Journey: Passage to The Amazon & Tropics£16,806
19th Nov 219Tropical Thanksgiving£3,178
19th Nov 2123Grand Journey: Connoisseur's Caribbean£8,891
28th Nov 217Seashells & Sunshine£2,421
5th Dec 217Caribbean Idylls£2,421
5th Dec 2117Grand Journey: Caribbean Collection£6,200
12th Dec 2110Caribbean Cachet£3,442
22nd Dec 2114Caribbean Holiday£6,025
5th Jan 2212Captivating Caribbean£3,893
5th Jan 2228Grand Journey: Caribbean & Panama Canal£10,451
17th Jan 22116Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic£56,892
17th Jan 2216Passage Between Two Seas£6,107
17th Jan 22102Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic£50,640
2nd Feb 2219Island Lore & Legends£6,682
2nd Feb 22116Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic£56,892
2nd Feb 22100Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic£49,602
2nd Feb 2286Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic£43,350
21st Feb 2218Tasman Shores & Terraced Vineyards£7,817
11th Mar 2218Indian Ocean Idyll£6,007
29th Mar 2231Grand Journey: Arabia & the Mediterranean£17,415
29th Mar 2218Monumental Antiquities£7,610
16th Apr 2227Grand Journey: Mediterranean & Trans-Atlantic£14,088
16th Apr 2213Black Sea Mosaic£7,965
29th Apr 2214Continental Connoisseur£5,930
13th May 2216Coastal Treasures£5,481
29th May 2216Hawaiian Island Shores£5,572
29th May 2225Grand Journey: Hawaiian Islands & Pacific Coast£9,312
14th Jun 229Pacific Coast Treasures£2,938
23rd Jun 227Alaskan Wonders£2,976
30th Jun 227Gold & Glaciers£2,976
7th Jul 2211Fascinating Frontiers£4,465
18th Jul 227Treetops & Totems£3,129
25th Jul 227Glacial Grandeur£3,129
1st Aug 227Wilderness & Icy Wonders£3,129
8th Aug 227West Coast Wanderer£2,557
8th Aug 2225Grand Journey: Splendors of North America£8,725
15th Aug 2218Panama Canal & Central America£5,404
2nd Sep 227New England Treasures£3,129
2nd Sep 2217Grand Journey: Charms of the Colonial Coast£7,098
9th Sep 2210Wonders of Canada & New England£3,969
19th Sep 228Canada & New England Enchantment£3,167
27th Sep 228Essential Northeast£3,167
5th Oct 228Autumn in the Northeast£3,396
13th Oct 228Northeast Gems£3,396
21st Oct 2214Eastern Seaboard Heritage£4,731
4th Nov 2211Caribbean Treasures & Canal Wonders£3,556
15th Nov 2219Grand Journey: Panama & Caribbean Gems£5,728
15th Nov 2210Panama & Tropical Playgrounds£3,129
25th Nov 229Caribbean Splendor£2,599
4th Dec 228Colors of the Caribbean£2,374
12th Dec 229Glittering Island Gems£2,599
21st Dec 2214East to West Caribbean Celebration£5,823
4th Jan 237Caribbean Interlude£2,568
11th Jan 2315Panama Canal to Peru£5,342
26th Jan 2316Easter Island & French Polynesia£6,794
11th Feb 2319South Pacific Kingdoms£7,671
2nd Mar 2323Papua New Guinea Discovery£9,121
25th Mar 2314Exotic Temples & Treasures£5,114
8th Apr 2314Sanctuaries & Spice Routes£6,564
22nd Apr 2318Safaris & Antiquities£7,381
10th May 239Greek Isles & Adriatic Icons£3,552
19th May 2312Riviera Wanderlust£4,686
19th Jun 238Legends of the Med£3,900
27th Jun 2312Black Sea Brilliance£6,137
9th Jul 239Aegean & Adriatic Antiquities£4,545
18th Jul 237Palaces & Monuments£3,712
25th Jul 237Mediterranean Chic£3,712
1st Aug 237Mediterranean Idylls£3,712
8th Aug 239Amalfi & Dalmatia Dreams£4,316
17th Aug 2312Mediterranean Masterpiece£5,373
29th Aug 237Iberian Wanderlust£3,483
5th Sep 2311Cultured Pursuits£4,804
16th Sep 2311Trans-Atlantic Explorer£4,617
27th Sep 237New England Immersion£3,510
4th Oct 238Autumn Tapestry£3,930
12th Oct 238Fall's Grandeur£3,930
20th Oct 238Skyscrapers & Waterfalls£3,777
28th Oct 238Citadels & Cottages£3,777
5th Nov 2312Bound for Sunshine£4,503
17th Nov 2311Boutique Caribbean£4,042
28th Nov 2310Sunkissed Tradewinds£4,008
8th Dec 237Caribbean Wanderlust£2,949
15th Dec 237Azure Escape£2,949
22nd Dec 2314Tropical Holiday Wonders£6,778

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