Bristol to Hong Kong65 nights, call for pricing

Marco Polo

5 Jan - 11 Mar 2021

Hong Kong

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Sail in search of Oriental adventures on this truly epic 65-night voyage befitting the elegant and much-loved Marco Polo. Transit the Suez Canal and discover famous historical sites in Israel and Jordan before crossing the Indian Ocean. India will ignite your senses with its ancient traditions, artistic heritage and astonishing architecture before reaching the Far East. This is the ultimate Oriental adventure visiting Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan en route to Vladivostok (Master of the East), in the Russian Far East. Explore the frenetic energy of South Korea and China before arriving in Hong Kong.

Cruise Highlights

  • India – If you’re not tempted by an optional excursion to Agra and the Taj Mahal, take in the bustling city of Mumbai, before soaking up the tranquillity of Port Blair in the idyllic Andaman Islands.
  • Taiwan – From Keelung choose to take an optional tour to Taipei, the intoxicating capital of Taiwan, with its beautiful blend of Chinese, Japanese and Southeast Asian culture.
  • Japan - In Tokyo, immerse yourself in one of the most populated cities on earth; while Shimizu is your gateway for an optional tour to Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest peak and most sacred mountain.
  • Russia – From Vladivostok, Russia’s Master of the East, explore Russian Siberia in the grips of winter from the impressive Golden Horn Bay.
  • South Korea – Get caught up in the frenetic energy of Seoul, South Korea’s sprawling capital, from cutting edge technology and packed streets to the stunning Imperial Palace of Seoul, Gyeongbokgung, with its traditional guards and visitors in national dress.
  • China - In Beijing and Shanghai, China’s ancient past is displayed in a wealth of temples and museums. Bustling Hong Kong Island will exhaust your senses.

Day 1
Day 2
Cobh, Ireland 6 Jan 2021
Day 3
At Sea 7 Jan 2021
Day 4
Day 5
At Sea 9 Jan 2021
Day 6
Day 7
At Sea 11 Jan 2021
Day 8
At Sea 12 Jan 2021
Day 9
Valletta, Malta 13 Jan 2021
Day 10
At Sea 14 Jan 2021
Day 11
At Sea 15 Jan 2021
Day 12
Limassol, Cyprus 16 Jan 2021
Day 13
Ashdod, Israel 17 Jan 2021
Day 14
Ashdod, Israel 18 Jan 2021
Day 15
At Sea 19 Jan 2021
Day 16
'Aqaba, Jordan 20 Jan 2021
Day 17
Hurghada, Egypt 21 Jan 2021
Day 18
At Sea 22 Jan 2021
Day 19
At Sea 23 Jan 2021
Day 20
At Sea 24 Jan 2021
Day 21
At Sea 25 Jan 2021
Day 22
At Sea 26 Jan 2021
Day 23
At Sea 27 Jan 2021
Day 24
At Sea 28 Jan 2021
Day 25
Day 26
Day 27
At Sea 31 Jan 2021
Day 28
Cochin, India 1 Feb 2021
Day 29
At Sea 2 Feb 2021
Day 30
At Sea 3 Feb 2021
Day 31
At Sea 4 Feb 2021
Day 33
At Sea 6 Feb 2021
Day 34
At Sea 7 Feb 2021
Day 35
Day 36
At Sea 9 Feb 2021
Day 37
At Sea 10 Feb 2021
Day 38
At Sea 11 Feb 2021
Day 40
Day 41
At Sea 14 Feb 2021
Day 42
Day 43
At Sea 16 Feb 2021
Day 44
At Sea 17 Feb 2021
Day 45
Day 46
At Sea 19 Feb 2021
Day 47
Kagoshima, Japan 20 Feb 2021
Day 48
At Sea 21 Feb 2021
Day 49
Shimizu, Japan 22 Feb 2021
Day 50
Yokohama, Japan 23 Feb 2021
Day 51
At Sea 24 Feb 2021
Day 52
At Sea 25 Feb 2021
Day 53
Day 54
At Sea 27 Feb 2021
Day 55
Busan, South Korea 28 Feb 2021
Day 56
At Sea 1 Mar 2021
Day 57
Day 58
At Sea 3 Mar 2021
Day 59
Tianjin, China 4 Mar 2021
Day 60
At Sea 5 Mar 2021
Day 61
At Sea 6 Mar 2021
Day 62
Shanghai, China 7 Mar 2021
Day 63
At Sea 8 Mar 2021
Day 64
At Sea 9 Mar 2021
Day 65
At Sea 10 Mar 2021
Day 66

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Marco Polo

Offering a wide range of public spaces and facilities, Marco Polo is perfect for those who want to experience traditional cruising. The Marco Polo cruise ship offers a wide range of public facilities including the impressive Waldorf Restaurant offering a traditional two sitting fixed time dining option and, as an alternative more informal experience, the stylish Marco's Bistro.

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