Voyages to Antiquity Small ship cruising at its best

We have created a cruise experience which is designed for travellers who want to understand more about the history, culture and natural wonders of the ancient world.

About Voyages to Antiquity

We pride ourselves on the destinations we offer; from the famous sites to the lesser known but equally stunning places, they have all been carefully selected in conjunction with noted historians. Some of our itineraries have a theme at their heart, such as The Crusades or Byzantine history, while others take you across continents and combine outstanding sites.

Accompanying you on each cruise are celebrated guest speakers who have been carefully selected for their knowledge of the areas we visit and their ability to bring the history of these remarkable civilisations and cultures to life. Lecturers include historians, professors, archaeologists and more, all well regarded in their respective fields.

The Voyages to Antiquity Fleet

Our small ship, Aegean Odyssey, is perfectly suited to our destination-rich itineraries while our lecture programme connects you with the places you'll visit before you even go ashore. The size of our ship allows us to visit harbours other vessels cannot reach, meaning we can offer a broader range of destinations.

Aegean Odyssey

Some example Voyages to Antiquity Cruises

Below is a small selection of the wide range of cruises available with Voyages to Antiquity. For more details click on on of the links below.

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