Virgin Voyages Come aboard

Come aboard the cruise line by Richard Branson. We're designing irresistible sailing vacations, just for you. Bookings open February 14, 2019

About Virgin Voyages

Sailing should feel transformative. Yet after listening to some avid sailors, we wondered if things could be different. At Virgin Voyages we think the time to epicly change sea travel is upon us.Welcome to our own, fresh take on cruising. Here, curiosity is more important than an itinerary. Interactions matter more than transactions. With Virgin Voyages, you don't 'tourist', you voyage.

The Virgin Voyages Fleet

The first Lady Ship of our Virgin Voyages fleet is almost here, and she's shaping up to be quite a beauty. If the leading lady image on the livery seems recognizable, it might be because she's made appearances on Virgin entities before. Designed by artist Toby Tinsley, her likeness appears on Virgin Atlantic and Australia aircrafts as well as the Virgin Galactic spaceline.

Scarlet Lady

Some example Virgin Voyages Cruises

Below is a small selection of the wide range of cruises available with Virgin Voyages. For more details click on on of the links below.

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